Introducing Skip's Legendary Handcrafted Boots

In the world of western wear, Skip's has stood the test of time. Since the 70s, our family-operated business has been more than just a brand; it's been a symbol of rich heritage, a beacon for those who value authenticity and unmatched quality. With every stitch, every design, and every choice we make, we draw inspiration from our deep-seated roots. It's with immense pride that we present our newest collection: Skip's Handcrafted Boots, each style named and inspired by the indomitable characters from Greek mythology. Like the tales of old, these boots are a testament to resilience, power, and unparalleled artistry.

Handcrafted with devotion in the heart of Mexico, every pair speaks of superior craftsmanship that's become synonymous with the Skip's name. From the all-leather upper, outsole, insole, welt, piping, and heel to the intricately knurled leather welt designed for a distinguished appearance. The leather's rich hue is perfectly matched from the shaft, ensuring a seamless look that's both sophisticated and rugged. Delving into the details, you'll find a stacked leather heel polished to perfection, slotted pull straps that exude durability, and an insole designed to marry comfort with breathability. It's not just a boot; it's a culmination of tradition, technology, and tenacity.

For the man who embodies confidence, respect, and ageless values; who understands that style is more than just a statement, it's a narrative. A narrative of history, hard work, and homage to both the west and the legends of Greek mythology. With Skip's Handcrafted Boots, you're not just wearing a boot; you're stepping into a story. Join us in this new chapter. Embrace the legacy. Walk the legend.